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The Nadine George Voice work®

I offer individual coaching based on the internationally renowned vocal technique of Nadine George. 
I also regularly organise training courses and w

The Nadine George Voice Work® gives practitioners the opportunity to understand the connection between the voice and the body, improving confidence, physical awareness and a greater understanding and control of the breath. The work uniquely uses sung sound directly linked to the body and to work with text.

Each voice is unique to that individual and no two voices are the same. This voice work uses practical exploration of the breath, relaxation, sung sound and text work to support the individual in releasing the true potential of their voice.




"When I first started working with Laurent, I often couldn't get a sound out of my mouth when I projected the voice. 

As an actress, I let you imagine my embarrassment...

Thanks to the voice work, I discovered a power and vocal richness that I never knew existed.

The voice work allowed me to become more aware of my energy I possessed. I am also more conscious about how to manage and to channel it better.

It is a considerable technical support in my profession.

Things are integrated little by little. Without even realising it. And the work continues outside the courses. 

I believe that in order to obtain results quickly, you have to be ready to change and to see the way people look at you transform. 

In all benevolence and relaxation, Laurent allows us to explore our voice and in this exploration to discover ourselves a little more: the voice being very intimately linked to the personality. 

To explore your voice is to explore yourself.



"The voice work has given me a lot on and off stage. 

My first impression was a feeling of liberation: I discovered an inner power, linked to my energy, which was released through the voice. I discovered an unknown power, anchored in the body, which I awakened during this first weekend of work.

It was a great discovery in life: my voice came out, asserted itself, linked to the body, my real voice. 

As an actor, it is a precious working tool, which allows us not only to assert ourselves on stage but also to create a strong body dynamic on stage, freeing energy and expression. It is also a way of discovering our whole range of voices, from the low to the high notes, which is essential to the construction of a character.



"Through the voice classes, and Laurent's kind and attentive guidance, I was able to discover buried parts of myself, of which the voice is a real revelator, but also to transform my blockages, my fear, into a strength, which was a powerful experience for me, and which is useful to me every day today.


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