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Coach Trainer

Coach Trainer specialised in human behaviour, voice coaching and communication.

He uses his diverse experience to make his training and coaching lively, enlightening and concrete. He also has the ability to innovate and to accompany personalities facing communication problems in companies in a benevolent manner.


Graduated in 2020 from the Master 2 "Management of international cultural projects and establishments" University of Lyon 2.

Graduated in 2016 from the Master 2 "Coaching Personal Development in Business", University of Paris II Panthéon Assas.

Accredited in 2015 as a vocal coach by the Voice Studio International led by Nadine George.

He regularly gives workshops and courses on voice work in France, Japan, Canada and India.


He collaborates with Séverine Denis of the Réseau des Improvisateurs Professionnels, in the design and delivery of improvisation training modules for corporate managers.


He founded the company Bords de Scènes in 2005.
From 2005 to 2022 he directed several shows (Les escaliers du Sacré Coeur by Copi, Les Reines by N. Chaurette, Phèdre by Sénèque) and was a collaborator in the direction of Irina Brook, Jean Luc Revol, Gil Galliot, Guila Braoudé...

Graduated from the Cours Florent in 1999.




2023 - "Leading a professional and managerial co-development group" certification,

Cecodev, Paris



2020 - Master 2 - International Cultural Project Management

Lyon University ICOM 2



2016 - Master 2 - Corporate Personal Development Coaching - Paris Il Assas



2008 - Accredited Vocal Coach, London, UK



1999 - Diploma in acting,

Cours Florent, Paris



1990 - BTS in Hotel Management, Ecole Hôtelière Strasbourg


Coach Trainer





Public speaking

Developing your ability to summarise

Professional effectiveness

Train the trainer

Running a productive meeting

Time and priority management



Personal development

Gain confidence with

theatre techniques






Leadership and management

Time management for managers




Voice coach


Design and delivery of voice training courses in French and English.




Actor, assistant director on numerous shows, including "Le Cabaret des hommes perdus" which won a Molière in 2008.

Collaboration with the companies

Bords de Scènes,

Compagnie Irina Brook,

Compagnie TCF, Jean luc Revol




Business Unit Manager

- Restaurants and Venues, Café du Louvre, Paris

- Cité des Sciences, Accor Cafeteria, Paris


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